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The Wimberley Plamp

Human mind always gets fascinated by the hidden world, any unusual stuff, things which has not seen or are not seen as a routine. Macro photography unfolds the mysteries of the hidden natural world, the most. And that is the reason, majority of photographers are enticed by macro photography. Most of the photographers do outdoor macro photography, especially of flowers and insects, perched on tiny branches of shaky vegetation which starts swaying at the slightest whiff of breeze, not a productive situation for macro photographers. This either leaves photographers dejected at the location itself, for they can not shoot shaky subjects or when they view images on their computers, as the images which look sharp on the small LCD of the camera, but most have shake. Wimberly has done a wonderful job by designing The Plamp for macro photographers. This simple looking accessory is a `magical gadget’ and wonderful asset for all. Its a `must have’ part of any outdoor photographer’s kit.

When Wimberley Plamp is deployed, the output increases by ten folds (no blurĀ  images). Imagine the output and the satisfaction, the time saved. The investment is minuscule.

Click here for its cost

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